As mentioned, Venture Yacht Club encourages novice and experienced sailors to join our club so that you are afforded a chance to better your sailing skills. However, having said that, we understand that it is very important that you have adequate knowledge and training that will allow for safe sailing experience.

To facilitate that, we have attempted to collate various guides that will help you learn further about handling a yacht, sailing and maintaining your yacht. We also arrange to have various guest speakers who will come in and provide helpful information on what and what not to do while you are sailing.

We aim to educate our members on how to maintain their vessels as well so that you don’t face any unforeseen mishaps during sailing events. We also provide links to various sales, service and information websites that contain important information on the do’s and don’ts, the right products to purchase and the periodic checks and services that your vessel should go through.

As a club, our aim is to be “A great club made up of great people!” In order to be so, we have humbly attempted to create a club that helps you better your sailing skills, helps work towards social causes and still creates a safe and fun environment for our sailing friends and their families.