We have tried to assimilate links to various websites and informational pages that will help create a one-stop shop for all relevant information you might require.

First off, we'd like to thank some of the supporters of the club who have helped to make this website possible, and who have helped with other tech-related issues to keep the club going.

At Venture Yacht Club protecting your assets is of the utmost importance to us. We are consulting with Security Guard Training HQ to setup security systems at our docks and clubhouse. All security contractors are licensed, bonded, and hold up-to-date security guard card registration status. If you have questions about our security protocols, or concerns about security and asset protection, please contact us.

Web-HostingProf has been super helpful in making sure that our site is online and performing properly. One quick note—we know that there are a lot of members here who are in the medical profession (yes, all those jokes about doctors and yachts, ha), and we thought it was worth mentioning their HIPAA compliant hosting page for those with medical practices, as HIPAA is a really important tech topic nowadays and they do a good job of covering that.

With that said, you'll find the remainder of our links and resources below.

We have created a page that holds all the important member links. It will take you to:

The various social media pages associated with the Venture Yacht Club can be found here. You will be able to access our Facebook page and Shutterfly page where you can update yourself about the upcoming events, browse through pictures from our previous trips and even upload a few images from your personal collection.

The member links also feature websites that will update you on the latest weather conditions and important marine news and information and provide a detailed guide to the knots that will help you while sailing. We have also attempted to put together websites that act as complete guides when it comes to sailing and taking up marine DIY projects.

We have collated links to various Harbor and Marina websites such as Oceanside Harbor, Dana Point Harbor, Harbor Island West Marina, California Yacht Marina, and Chula Vista Marina.

We have created a separate page which features various videos that were shot by our members or that featured our members. We have tried to capture shots from various racing events and raft-ups that we have organized during each year.

We understand that purchasing marine equipment and products can get a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to look. This is exactly why we have taken the suggestion from our members and put together a Preferred Merchants page where you can find the tried and tested merchants that we prefer to make purchases from. Our preferred merchants' list has covered everything from motorsports equipment suppliers to our favourite fish and chips place. We have tried to include links to museums, bookstores, and sail care product stores included in this list as well.

We have also set up a page where you can post any requirement you might have, be it a product or service so that the club members can pitch in and offer advice on where to find it. Better still, if it’s a particular product that you are after, it might so happen that one of the members might have one with them. That also explains as to why we have the For Sale option included. This section allows our club members to place any unused marine products that they might have for sale. All our club members are encouraged to use this page to sell any products that are in working condition but not used anymore.

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