It is only natural to develop an interest in sailing, especially if you are located in a seaside town with great weather. Sailing on a yacht is an activity that can be enjoyed along with your family. It makes for a good weekend activity where you can bond with your near and dear ones. With a little guidance and encouragement, sailing can be made a fun-filled family activity that will help you and your family work together as a single team.

Though we do not focus on the competitive aspect, Venture Yacht Club will allow you and your family to participate in some interesting events and create fun memories. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or experienced sailor, the Venture Yacht club gives you an opportunity to explore yachting and meet a group of like-minded individuals. Our club has been around for close to three decades and boasts of having around 50 boats in the club.

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Venture Yacht Club

We ensure that our events are organized to focusing on not just the yachters but their families as well so that there’s something for everyone. At the Venture Yacht club, we provide meeting opportunities for all our club members so that the more experienced club members can share their yachting stories, tips, and techniques with the new club members. There are regular meetings along with educational sessions conducted at the club.

These allow our members to get a glimpse into topics as varied as yacht repairs, marine wildlife conservation, and marine electronics. Besides, our social gatherings ensure that the families are not left behind and get a chance to meet and make friends at the various potlucks organized.